Avon Haunted Bridge

Taken from Avon Town Hall facebook posting:

Here are the legends about Avon’s Haunted Bridge from the Avon History Book used in third grade:

A mother was walking over the bridge to go to Indy with her sick child when she heard the train. She tripped and moved off the track but lost control of her baby who fell in to the vale below. Insane with grief, the mother died a few weeks later. At night, you can hear the mother’s wailing as she searches for her baby.

A saw-men working on the new bridge fell in to the newly poured concrete. He could not be saved. His saw protrudes from the center support of the bridge and you can hear screaming when a train passes.

Hobos used to hop off the train and camp near the bridge. Now, their ghosts roam the bridge. You can see the orange glow from a hobo’s cigar at night. A mother left her baby under the bridge and the hobos took the baby. The mother came back to look for her baby but the baby was gone. You can hear the mother screaming in agony and the baby crying at night.

A women was walking the tracks after her boyfriend had broken up with her and was depressed and was hit by a train. On Halloween night, you can see her in a long white dress walking across the bridge, moaning and whining.

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