Avon’s Haunted Bridge

The "haunted" bridge from within Washington Township park.

The “haunted” bridge from within Washington Township park.

For locals, Avon’s “haunted” bridge is distinctly well known. In fact it’s even shown on Avon’s town seal. There are three stories behind the bridge. Before we go into those stories, we’ll delve into the history of the bridge.

The bridge was supposedly built in 1906 for the Big Four Railroad. It is still used to this day by the CSX. The bridge its self was built by W.M. Dunne.

This is where “haunted” is incorporated. The story goes that one of the workers fell into the vat of newly stirred cement. The workers surrounding him were unable to pull him out, and the worker reportedly died by suffocation. There have been reports of a man moaning and mysterious tapping from withing the walls.

Another worker story was that one of the workers that was drunk had slipped and fallen into the cement. The result was the same as the above. There are no tapping sounds associated with this one though, only moaning was reported.

The second account is when a woman and her baby were near the tracks. The mother and baby allegedly fell off the bridge or in other words to their deaths. Screams of the mother calling for her baby have been heard.

The third and final legend is when four workers fell to their deaths into White Lick Creek. Splashes, shouts, and screams have been reported from the creek late at night.

Now whether these “sounds” are just teenagers having fun with people, or they are actually “ghosts” of the past is entirely up to debate. The haunted bridge is definitely a historical piece of Avon.




Another account of Avon’s Haunted Bridge:


The legend of the Haunted Bridge as reported by the Washington Township Public Library:

“It is said if you wander at night near the old bridge over White Lick Creek, you may hear the screams and moans of the ghost of Avon’s Haunted Bridge. And on hot summer days you can see the ghost’s tears on the concrete of the bridge. Some people will tell you that there in no ghost, that the screams are just the product of wind, and that the tears are caused by condensation. But others will tell you that the ghost is real.

Who exactly the ghost is supposed to be, no one can say. In one version of the tale, it was a black or Irish laborer involved with the bridge’s construction. He fell into one of the unsealed supports and was killed almost instantly. The railroad didn’t want to waste time or money to get him out, so the support was sealed with the worker still inside. In some versions of this tale, the worker’s arm hung out of the support, and had to be cut off.

Another story: Henry Johnson was a construction worker who had an unfortunate accident while helping construct the bridge. Henry was an alcoholic who came to work drunk one night when the other workers had left for the day. He was walking on top of the newly constructed bridge when he slipped from the train tracks above and got stuck in some wet cement. When the other workers came the next day, they found Henry’s face frozen in the cement. Some say you can still see his face, but no one has ever found it.

Another theory has it that a passenger train jumped the track on the newly constructed bridge. The train crashed into the creek, but none of the passengers were harmed. Only the engineer was killed, and it is he who haunts the bridge.

But there are claims that the ghost isn’t a man’s at all, but that of a young mother mourning her child. The infant was ill, and the mother walked along the railroad tracks to get a doctor. Midway across the bridge, she could her see a train coming in her direction. She tried to run to safety, but her foot got stuck between two ties. She was able to free herself, but she didn’t have enough time to run to safety. She jumped from the bridge, and the baby slipped through her arms. Sick with grief from the loss of her child, the mother herself died in a matter of weeks. Whenever you drive underneath the bridge at night with your windows down, you can supposedly hear her screaming for her baby.

A similar story says that the girl was cast out by her family because she had a baby and wasn’t married. She decided to follow the train tracks to see where they would take her. When she jumped off the bridge, both she and her baby were killed.

While any or all of these stories could have some basis in fact, none of them have been verified. All we really know about the history of the bridge is that it was constructed in 1906-1907, and that it was double tracked in 1908. The bridge is still used by the railroad today, but whether or not it is haunted is open to speculation. You’re welcome to find out yourself.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

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Brownsburg Lions Club

This is the bridge across the stream located at Arbuckle Acres Park.

This is the bridge across the stream located at Arbuckle Acres Park.

The Lions Club will be holding several events in the up coming months. They’ll have a float in the Christmas Parade and Christmas Under the Stars which is schedule for December 7th. The parade begins near Brown Elementary School and ends in Arbuckle Acres. On December 14th, there will be Breakfast with Santa at the Lion’s Clubhouse. The price will be $5 for all you can eat pancakes. For more events visit their webpage.

Additional information can be found on:

htto://www.brownsburglionsclub.org or on http://brownsburgparks.org

You can also contact Raymond Furner at furner@ameritech.net.


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Happy Thanksgiving

HendricksCountyWeb wishes you the best holidays!

Photo by: Yathin S Krishnappa

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Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society will be conducting amateur radio license classes

The Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society will be conducting amateur radio license classes every Wednesday starting January 29, 2014, and running for eight weeks. Classes will be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Hendricks County Senior Services Center, 1201 Sycamore Ln, Danville IN 46122.

A volunteer examiner FCC license testing session will be conducted on the eighth week.

Books to be used in class are:

ARRL Tech Q&A 5th Edition — Your Quick & Easy Path to your FIRST Ham Radio License. Includes the latest question pool with answer key, for use July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2014

ARRL General Q&A 4th Edition — Upgrade to a General Class Ham Radio License NOW! It’s Quick and Easy with this study guide and the convenient question and answer format. Pass the 35-question (Element 3) test. Includes the latest question pool with answer key, for use July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2015

Gordon West Extra Class Study Manual 2012-2016 by Gordon West WB6NOA

These books may also be found at Amazon.com and other book sellers.

No cost other than text books used and final FCC exam fee.

CD will be provided with class PowerPoint files as used in class.

For information, email hcarshamclass2014@gmail.com

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2014 Brownsburg Hamfest

FEBRUARY 22 2014

Sponsored by Hendricks County Amateur Radios Society
Saturday, February 22, 2014, 6:00 AM setup
Hamfest 7 AM until 3 PM
Set up available on Friday February 21 TH FROM 3 PM TILL 7:30 PM
AMERICAN LEGION POST 331, 636 East Main Street
Bring your own power strips and extension cord
Table sales at the door if available both days
Questions and table reservation
Talk-in on 147.015 + repeater

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Amateur Radio Society Meeting

Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society (Hendricks County)
HCARS is a family of amateur radio operators dedicated to helping others. This is especially true during natural disasters or other emergencies. Many of our members are affiliated with ARES, RACES, and SATERN. The club owns and maintains the 147.015 repeater located near Belleville, Indiana. The club call sign is N9HC. HCARS is a member of the Indiana Radio Club Council, Inc.

HCARS Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society are held the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm at the Hendricks County Government Center in Danville.

Everyone is welcome!

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Want to become an Amatuer Radio Operator?

The Mid-State Amateur Radio Club is offering a 1-day tech class on Sat.,
Aug. 10, 2013 from 8am to 4pm. Testing will begin at 4pm and is $15. A $5
donation will cover lunch and snacks. Students are required to pre-purchase
the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and pre-register. This will be a condensed
class and we recommend students study the material before class. Books are
available for purchase at www.arrl.org. To register, fill out the
information below and email to secretary@midstatehams.org.

Location: Johnson County Emergency Management Agency, 1111 Hospital Road,
Franklin, IN, Basement Conference Room. For more info, email

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Newletter for July


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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

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January News Letter


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